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Quinlan Grimm

Operating a Business

Financial Freedom for Entrepreneurs: Exploring Modern Banking Solutions

Looking for Financial Freedom as an Entrepreneur? Explore these Modern Banking Solutions in this definitive guide that outlines the steps to financial freedom as a small business owner.
Starting a Business

9 Types of Small Business Loans

In this article, we’ll cover nine different types of business loans to help you decide which is best for your business. You'll also learn about eligibility requirements and the pros and cons of small business loans.
Managing Your Finances

How To Get a Small Business Loan in California

This guide will cover the ins and outs of small business loans in California, including tips on how to find the right lender for your needs.
Starting a Business

How to Start an S Corp in California

This guide will walk you through how to form an S Corp in California—from choosing your name to picking the right business checking account—to help you decide if electing S Corp status is the right choice for your business.
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