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Virginia Anderson

The Impact of Online Banking Platforms

Everything you need to know about the impact of online banking platforms and how to take advantage of them. Learn about the technology behind online banking and how it can benefit your small business.
Banking 101

The Evolution of Digital Banking: A Paradigm Shift for Businesses

There's been a paradigm shift for in digital banking for small Businesses. Are you up to date on the evolution of the industry? Read about different digital banking services, where to find them, and their benefits.
Managing Your Finances

Building a Financial Future: Strategies for Startups & Freelancers

Get a full list of Strategies for Startups & Freelancers to help you build your financial future. This article shows you how to put a framework in place for success—and finances form an essential part of the foundation of your business.
Banking 101

Sole Proprietorship Bank Account Requirements

Are you aware of all the sole proprietorship bank account requirements? In this article we cover the ins and outs of the process, from rpoof of registration to minimum deposits, find out if a sole proprietorship bank account is right for your small business.
Banking 101

Do You Need a Social Security Card to Open a Bank Account?

Is a Social Security card needed to open a bank account? In some cases, yes! Here's what you need to know about the process.
Banking 101

4 Best Banks in California for Small Businesses

Looking for the best banks for your small business in California? Deciding on the right bank for your company can be tricky, but we'll give the the top 4 banks for small businesses in your California area.
Starting a Business

A Guide to Credit Applications for Business Owners

A guide to credit applications for business owners that includes what lenders ask for, what to do if you are denied, and how these impact your credit score. Learn more now.
Starting a Business

How To Open a Business Bank Account for an LLC

A definitive guide on How To Open a Business Bank Account for an LLC. What to know, how to check you eligibility and step by step assistance in getting started.
Managing Your Finances

How to Print a 1099 Form in QuickBooks Online

In this guide, we'll walk through how to print a 1099 form in QuickBooks online, as well as the basics of these tax forms.
Starting a Business

How to Start a Business in Washington State

The definitive guide on how to start a business in Washington state. We discuss idenfiying business concepts, market research, writing a business plan, funding sources, and more.
Starting a Business

How To Start a Business in Iowa

Looking to learn how to start a business in Iowa? Here is a step by step guide on every step from obtaining your licenses and permits, to opening the doors on your first day of business.
Starting a Business

How to Secure a Small Business Loan in Maryland

Learn How to Secure a Small Business Loan in Maryland. Discover Advantage Maryland (MEDAAF), Maryland Capital Access Program (MD CAP), Maryland small business grants and more.

Shopify vs. Amazon: Which is Better for Ecommerce Sellers?

Shopify and Amazon are known for supporting online sellers, but they work differently. In this article, you'll learn about the differences between Shopify vs. Amazon and which is best for your business.
Starting a Business

How To Get a Small Business Loan in Arizona

While companies often look to traditional banks and credit unions for small business loans in Arizona, other options are available. A few economic organizations provide funding, especially for small businesses. Here is how to get a small business loan in Arizona.
Managing Your Finances

How to Add a Bank Account in Quickbooks Online

Optimizing the benefits you receive from Quickbooks Online requires proper setup, including connecting your bank account. Once you integrate this account with QuickBooks Online, you'll no longer need to record bank transactions manually. Read on to learn how to add a bank account to QuickBooks.
Operating a Business

How to Make a Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online

Journal entries document financial transactions, such as equipment depreciation, accruals for future expected expenses, and sales. In this article, learn how to make a journal entry in QuickBooks Online.
Operating a Business

How to Price Your Business Services: A Step-by-Step Guide

Not sure how to price your business services? Our guide examines how to determine pricing for your services, including selecting the suitable method and applying it to your organization.
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