Connect Novo with Stripe

We’re making payouts from your Stripe account more transparent than ever. By connecting your Novo account with Stripe, you’ll have a window into online payments for your business right from your banking dashboard.

Stay up-to-date with your online payments

Seamlessly connect

Easily connect your Stripe account or sign up directly in the Novo app.

Increase transparency

See your available Stripe balance and any funds on the way to your Stripe-connected bank account right in Novo.

Centralize your business finances

Understand your cash position better than ever without leaving your business bank account.

Save up to $150

Connect your Stripe account to Novo and get access to our exclusive perk: $5,000 in fee-free card processing.

Move your money faster with Boost

Get paid faster at no cost with Novo Boost. Access your revenue in hours instead of days so you can quickly reinvest for growth and pay yourself, your team, and your vendors. ‍Novo Boost is currently only available for payments processed via Stripe.

Why use Stripe with Novo?

  • Accept payments for your online business with Stripe.
  • Create a holistic ecommerce experience.
  • Connect to thousands of platforms like Shopify, Xero, and DocuSign that help facilitate your payments.
  • Easily set up subscriptions and manage discounts, cancellations, and changes.

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