Go Global with Novo and Wise

International business banking should be pain-free. With Novo's built-in Wise integration, you can enjoy a faster, more affordable way to send money abroad.

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Make payments all around the world

Novo integration details

Seamlessly connect

Easily connect your Wise account or use Novo's free, embedded integration.

Transfer money worldwide

Choose from 50 currencies and send money to 150+ countries across the globe.

Enjoy a guaranteed rate

With Wise, you can rest assured you'll always get the mid-market exchange rate.

Why use Wise?

  • Trusted by 6+ million people and businesses.
  • Cheaper, faster way to send money abroad.
  • No hidden fees, bad exchange rates, or surprises.

"We are thrilled to offer Novo customers a better way to make international payments and allow them to keep more money in their pockets.”

"With Wise, we’re able to deliver a world-class product for modern business owners who are becoming mobile-first and borderless, allowing them to access talent and resources anywhere in the world.”