How much will you pay in Stripe transaction fees?

Calculating Stripe fees for customer payments is easy with our calculator. Enter the payment amount to calculate Stripe's transaction fees and what you should charge to receive the full amount.

Payment Amount
Stripe fee:
$ --
You'll receive:
$ --
To take home $--, you should ask for:
$ --
How much will you pay in Square fees?

Calculate how much you’ll pay in Square fees for online, in-person, and manually-entered payments.

Payment Amount
Square fees
Amount received after fees
In-person payments
For in-person payments with a card, Square charges a fee of 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction.
$ --
$ --
Manually-entered payments
For manually-entered payments or card-on-file payments, Square charges a fee of 3.5% + $0.15 per transaction.
$ --
$ --
Online payments
For online payments or payments via invoice, Square charges a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. (If you're signed up for the Premium plan, the percentage fee is lower at 2.6%.)
$ --
$ --
Calculate estimated loan payments in seconds

Enter your loan information to get an estimated breakdown of how much you'll pay over the lifetime of your loan.

Loan Amount
Loan Term
Loan APR
If you borrow -- over -- at an interest rate of --, you will pay a total amount of --, or -- per month.
Minimum monthly payment:
$ 0.00
Average monthly interest:
$ 0.00
Total interest paid:
$ 0.00
Total amount paid:
$ 0.00

hen it comes to small businesses, accounting is crucial to daily operations. Even if a company can't afford an accountant, some solutions offer the next best thing: small business accounting software.  The wide selection of accounting solutions is a double-edged sword for — there’s bound to be something for you, but it could also feel overwhelming trying to figure out which one is best.  

We get it, and to help you, here’s a list of the best accounting software based on their customizable accounting features for small businesses in 2022.  

The Best Small Business Accounting Software in 2022

Intuit Quickbooks Online

Intuit Quickbooks Online is powerful and not as intimidating as you might think. You can rely on their advanced suite of capabilities combined with other features like 24/7 chat support and capturing receipts.   Most types of businesses will find Quickbooks great since it integrates seamlessly with apps like Novo, PayPal, Shopify, and Square. With just a few clicks, you can connect Novo to your Quickbooks account. After connecting to QuickBooks, your Novo account will automatically populate your QuickBooks account with your transactional data from the previous year and continue to sync your business transactions on an hourly basis.  Whatever plan you select, expense tracking and income tracking are offered, and users can send estimates, send invoices, receive accounts payable, organize receipts and run financial reports. Other tiers include add-ons such as time tracking, full-service payroll, and even inventory tracking.   Plans start at $12.50 per month.


Like other accounting software on our list, Xero offers a mobile app — it's one of the best we’ve seen. If you want to work on the go, you can use the app to send invoices, create purchase orders for accounts payable and track inventory.   Plus, you can have Xero send you financial reports so you can keep tabs on how your business is doing. Easily connect Xero to your Novo account to allow automatic hourly transaction syncing between the two apps. While Xero doesn’t have payroll, you can use Gusto, with whom Xero is a partner.  


Gusto is a powerful payroll accounting software offering plenty of other useful features. It has a mobile phone to help you manage your accounts wherever you are. Their payroll software helps you with automatically creating pay stubs, employee onboarding, and processing and filing taxes at the local, state, and federal levels.   Other features you get with Gusto include accessing and managing human resources, helping you and your employees enroll in health benefits, as well as 401(k)s or other retirement plans. Don’t forget, you can take advantage of their accounting software integrations like Freshbooks and Quickbooks Online.)  Gusto offers a one-month free trial, and it starts at $39 per month afterward.  


Freshbooks is one of the more popular bookkeeping tools. For good reason: it’s an intuitive solution that allows you to be more efficient without dealing with complicated setups or features. In fact, Freshbooks claims it can save small business owners up to 46 hours a year when it comes to filing taxes.   Freshbook’s platform has a single dashboard where you can manage your accounting and finances. Plus, you’ll get regular secure backups, integrations with tons of other business software (hint: Novo is one of them), and you can use their mobile app if you need to work on the go.  Users can also take advantage of other features like time tracking and sending recurring invoices. You can even see where and when a customer opened your invoice if you want.   Freshbooks has a free 30-day trial; then pricing starts at only $15 per month.  


Wave is a great fit for freelancers or those with a small handful of employees since you’ll probably like its simplicity — it’s also free to use. For those who need more advanced tools like project management, time tracking, and inventory management, then you’ll need to find another software solution.  Otherwise, it’s a powerful tool for many, partly due to its easy use. You can link your Novo checking account, balance your books, and practice expense tracking. Wave even has a mobile app, payroll software (for an add-on fee), and free calculators such as ones for determining your cash flow.

Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting offers a variety of solutions, whether you’re a sole proprietor or work with employees and contractors.   The Sage Accounting Start solution offers simple features for $10 per month. Some of these include recording income and expenses, plus bank reconciliations. You can get cash flow forecasting, bill vendors, and see a big picture of your business’ financials for $25 per month for more functionality.  


Expensify helps you automate recording expenses, saving you time and energy to focus on other parts of your business. You can take photos of your receipts and convert them into the proper expense categories.   How expense tracking works is that Expensify will code and categorize your expenses automatically. Once you review and approve, it’ll insert it into the relevant financial reports. You can also set company policies for employees so you’ll be sure that certain expenses will be sent to you for approval or automatically categorized.   If you need to reimburse employee expenses, you can utilize Expensify’s automatic rapid reimbursement system — they’ll be paid the day after submitting receipts. This feature connects to your accounting software to sync any changes or updates. While it’s not an all-in-one solution like some of the others on our list, Expensify does automate tasks that other accounting software don’t

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re self-employed, a freelancer, or a small business owner with a few employees, using accounting software will help you save time and energy from doing repetitive tasks that you can easily automate. The investment isn’t as huge compared to others, and you may be able to recoup the costs.   Picking the right software starts with figuring what your priorities are. For instance, if you’re just getting started, a simple bookkeeping solution to keep track of invoices may suffice. However, business owners who need more advanced tools like payroll and inventory management would do better looking for more comprehensive accounting solutions.  The good news is that with almost any solution, you can find different integrations, so all your small business apps can work together seamlessly. Novo connects with more than 15 apps, including popular account software like Freshbooks and Xero.  Your time is valuable, so using these tools is a smart way to maximize the time you have to grow your business.  

December 7, 2021
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