he long weekend may be over but there’s still plenty going on. Check out the updates that we've added to your Novo app over the last two weeks. We’re digging deeper into identifying your spending trends, have a future integration in the works, and more. So get ready to see what’s new at Novo!  📊 Updates to your Financial Insights  Thank you for everyone’s feedback on our updated Activity page that displays a more in-depth look into your spending habits. Using your Financial Insights dashboard, you can now see

  • Your top five income and spending categories.
  • Compare income & spending between the current and last quarter, year, or month.
  • Review your net cash flow.

Remember, this can all be found by going to the Activity tab and selecting the graph icon at the top of the screen. Novo Financial Insights are currently only available in the iOS and Android apps, but we’ll soon add this to the web app as well.  

💳 More Information on Debit Card Spending  When you make a debit card purchase, you’ll now see the city of the purchase and the last four digits of the card that was used. This is helpful for accounts with multiple users, so you can stay on top of who made which purchase.   💸 Sign Up for our Shopify Waitlist  In case you haven’t heard, Novo is integrating with Shopify! Please be sure to check your email for our waitlist so you can be the first to know when we launch in the coming months.  

☎️ Novo Support Hours  When reaching out to Novo Support, we’ve added a prompt informing you that our operating hours are 9 am-6 pm ET. Please note that a representative will follow up with you on the next business day if you reach out after business hours.   🎙 Voice Command on iOS  iOS users can now use voice commands to search for transactions in the Novo app in the Activity tab. If you prefer speaking rather than typing, this update is a great feature. This feature was made available to Android users last week and is now accessible on iOS.  🐶 Novo Pet of the Month  Check out Portland’s finest pup, Penny the Pug! Don’t let this cute face fool you as she’s the official office guard dog of Portland Computerworks. Her owner, Joseph Bettencourt, is the founder of Portland Computerworks, and they offer hassle-free solutions for your small business tech-related needs.  

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September 9, 2020
Company News