The free debit card designed for your business

Secure your spending, ditch the distractions, and streamline your budgeting with a Novo debit card.

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Protect your peace of mind

Mastercard security

Enjoy built-in security

Novo’s debit card is covered by Mastercard’s Zero Liability and Mastercard ID Theft Protection™ —meaning your money is in safe hands. Plus, get automatic fraud and purchase alerts so you can always spend safely.

Forget fees and distractions

Traditional credit cards have high fees and confusing rewards programs. Novo’s distraction-free debit card is different: It comes with all the control you need, and none of the interest charges or annual fees.

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Save money through novo

Save time (and money)

Save hours every week on bookkeeping with automated transaction categorization, and streamline budgeting by assigning purchases back to Reserves.

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Pay your way

Whether that’s with your physical card, virtual card, or via Apple or Google Pay.

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