Connect Novo with eBay

Stop spending time switching back and forth between apps. Integrate your Novo account with your eBay store to enjoy monthly data insights, every-step-of-the-way tracking, and more.

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Stay on top of your eBay sales with Novo

Novo integration details

Get comprehensive views

Stay on top of your eBay sales, and create a holistic financial experience in the Novo app.

Track revenue

Track your earnings each step of the way, from the moment of purchase to when funds hit your account.

Gain monthly insights

See data around your sales, fees, shipping, and more in your Novo app.

Why connect eBay to Novo?

  • Get competitive insights to help optimize your listings. With eBay, you can see what the competition is doing and how you compare.
  • Create listings faster with a streamlined tool. Take care of orders with just a few clicks.
  • With eBay, you can see your daily sales trends and identify your top performers. This will help you learn how buyers find your products.

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