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Managing Your Finances

Small Business Accounting: 5 Tips to Keep Your Business on Track

Accounting can be confusing at first, but it's essential to keeping your business up and running. Follow these 5 tips to master your business's accounting process.
Managing Your Finances

A Freelancer’s Guide to Paying Taxes in 2024

Paying taxes as a freelancer can seem confusing, but it doesn't have to be a daunting experience. Here are our best tips for paying your taxes in 2024.
Managing Your Finances

Estimated Tax Payments: How They Work and When to Pay Them (2023)

A breakdown of what estimated quarterly taxes are, what they mean for your business, and how to pay them.
Banking 101

6 Best Practices to Keep Your Bank Account Secure

Banking security is essential for keeping your funds safe and protecting against fraud. Follow these six tips from Novo for a secure banking experience.
Novo is a fintech, not a bank. Banking services provided by Middlesex Federal Savings, F.A. Member FDIC.