oday, the majority of small to medium sized businesses rely on accounting software to manage their financial and tax information. As a market leader in the accounting software space, Quickbooks provides a valuable service to business owners and is now easily integrated with Novo checking accounts.

The story behind the QuickBooks integration

While accounting is rarely the most exciting aspect of running a business, our users understand the immensely important role it plays in their success. For that reason, it was an easy decision for Novo to partner with QuickBooks, the largest accounting software in the US and voted best in class for small to medium sized businesses by PCMag.

What are the benefits of integrating with QuickBooks?

After a Novo user connects to the Quickbooks integration, their transactions will be automatically uploaded to their QuickBooks account. This will not only eliminate the need for our business owners to manually export statements and upload them to their bookkeeping software, but it will make managing and staying up to date on their finances easier than ever before.

How does Novo work with QuickBooks?

After connecting to QuickBooks, your Novo account will automatically populate your QuickBooks account with your transactional data from the previous year, and continue to sync your business transactions on an hourly basis.

How do I connect with QuickBooks?

To access the QuickBooks integration, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your Novo app
  • Select the Integrations tab
  • Select Connect to QuickBooks

Note: you can also connect Novo to Quickbooks by logging in through your Quickbooks account. However, we recommend connecting from the Novo app for a more reliable integration experience.  Want to know more about our integration? Head over to our QuickBooks FAQs for more information.

May 12, 2020
Company News