ow was everyone’s Memorial Day Weekend? Who else is excited we can bring back white pants? We hope you enjoyed some serious R&R and as we get back into the swing of things, we have some great updates that we don’t want you to miss.  

🤑Perks  We want to give back to the businesses who chose US (yes, you!). Novo is offering a perks package to our users to save thousands of dollars on great online tools. We’re offering deals with Stripe, Google Cloud, Salesforce, and much more. To activate these perk deals, we ask that at least $50 is spent on your Novo debit card. Once done, you’ll unlock all of these perks that you can find on the ‘Dashboard’ of your Novo app (perks page for web app coming soon).  Reach out if you don’t have a Novo debit card or did not request one and our team will mail one for FREE! We’re working on offering more perks and deals in the future so stay tuned!  🤖Novo Support Bot  Have a question to ask us? We’ve added Support Bot to answer any questions you may have as best as possible. Don’t worry, if the Novo Support Bot is unable to answer your question, you can still get in contact with the Novo support team who will gladly follow up on your inquiry. Since Support Bot has been launched, it’s been able to answer hundreds of your questions by directing to relevant articles in our FAQs.  📹Check Out our Webinar  Our Head of Customer Success Brian must be popular because he’s been invited to speak at another webinar! Brian, along with other speakers will be discussing the steps financial institutions can take to digitize their customer experience. The webinar is LIVE Wednesday, June 3rd at 2 pm ET. Come show him some support and sign up here.

🌎Wise, formerly TransferWise, Currency  We’ve added the Peruvian Sol (PEN)🇵🇪 to the list of our Wise currencies. We support over 30 currencies so you can send money around the world! Do we still not support your currency? Shoot us a message of your request to be taken into consideration for the next update.  🖥Web App: Filter your Transactions  Just like the Novo app, you now have the ability to filter your transactions on the Novo web app and upload it into a CSV file.

🐶Novo (User) Pet of the Month  We’re excited to feature Cody as Novo pet of the month! He’s a handsome border collie lab mix owned by Tyler Specht. Tyler’s company is SquidCrate LLC and has been a Novo user for over a year. Thanks for sharing your photo with us Cody.  Want your pet to be featured in the next What’s New at Novo? Reach out to us with a photo of your pet and you may be chosen to be featured next time around!  

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May 27, 2020
Company News