ou may have already seen some of the new updates to your Novo account, but let’s check out what we’ve been working on. We’re building up to some big updates next month, but please share your thoughts and feedback. Let’s get into the newsletter.

Income and Spending Graphs  We made an update to the Activity tab of the Novo app. Combined with the new transaction categorizations, this update contains Spending and Income insights over time. This means you’ll be able to compare the funds you’ve spent or received over a period of time. You can choose to compare one week, month to date, year to date, and more. You can also choose to review income, spending, or both and this is displayed on a line graph.  

‍Novo Now on iPad  Novo is now optimized for iPad screen size! If you prefer to do your business banking on your iPad, check it out and let us know your thoughts.  

Money in Excel  In case you missed it, you can link your Novo account to Money in Excel if you’re a Microsoft 365 user. You’ll be able to view your spending patterns, receive insight on unnecessary fees, and customize your workbook to your preference.  

Remove Multiple Users  If a user on your Novo account is no longer associated with the business, you can place a request to remove them from the account. This will be found in the Account tab under Settings. Please note that only the Account Holder is able to request for multiple users to be removed from the account and the multiple user has to agree that they no longer wish to be associated with the account. Once removed, they won’t be able to log back in and their debit card will become deactivated.

Check Number Displayed  If you’ve ever sent a check through the Novo app, you now have the ability to review the check number. This way, you can keep track of the checks that were sent to your payees.

Android Voice Search  Android users can now use voice commands to search for transactions in the Novo app in the Activity tab. If you prefer speaking rather than typing, this update will be a great feature to use. This will become available to iOS users soon and we appreciate your patience as this is in the works.

Novo Pets of the Month  We got a double whammy for y’all! This iconic duo, rescue boxers are Gracie and Axel. Their owner is Amy Lang and her business is Bridge City Staging. Bridge City Staging specializes in the virtual home staging of vacant properties and remote occupied home consultations. The company is very new starting in April of this year as a response to homeowners and realtors needing to safely sell homes during the pandemic. The best part, anyone in the US can be serviced from her business.  

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August 26, 2020
Company News