oes anyone else feel like July just came and went? I guess we lost track of time due to all of the cool new updates we’ve been adding to the Novo app. We want to be your one-stop-shop for managing the financial operations of your business, so we hope that these changes will make the app feel more customized to you.

Transaction Categorization: We just launched transaction categorization in the Novo app! You may have already noticed this, but this update will make it easier to define the type of transactions you make using your Novo debit card. Transactions will categorize automatically, but you can always change it manually.  This update is only on the Novo app for iOS and Android devices. Stay tuned for the next version of this update where the categorization will be able to be uploaded into your accounting tools!  

Customized Dashboard: As we’re adding more features to the app, you now have the ability to add or remove what appears on the dashboard page! Scroll down to the bottom of the Dashboard tab and start to organize the widgets to make it more personalized to you and your business! Again, this is only available on the Novo app for iOS and Android devices.  

Add Multiple Users: Do you have a business partner, employee, founder, or someone you want to add to your Novo account?   You can now place your request by going to Account > Settings > Users and selecting the Add User icon on the top right corner. When adding a user, they will have access to all of the functionalities and funds in your Novo account and they also can get their own Novo debit card! We’ll soon be offering the option to add users with limited access to the account so be on the lookout for that update! And did we mention it's free?  

New Way to Connect to QuickBooks: If you prefer to not use our QuickBooks integration, you now have the option to log onto your QuickBooks account and search for Novo on their website. From there, QuickBooks will receive your transactions from Novo and will be posted in the Transactions tab on QuickBooks' website.  

Wise, formerly TransferWise, Currency List: Are you sending the same currency through our Wise integration? If so, your most-used currencies will now appear on the top of the search list. The popular list will preview currencies that are the most used by you and most used by Novo users. No need to scroll any further.

Auto-Suggestions for US Territories: Did you know you can send checks to US territories? Well, you can and Google Map will autocomplete address suggestions for the following territories:  

  • Puerto Rico (PR),
  • Guam (GU)
  • Northern Mariana Islands (MP)
  • US Virgin Islands (VI)

Updated Novo Application Process: Do you have more than one business? If you've been thinking of applying for a 2nd Novo account for another business, we're excited to announce we've launched an effective and efficient way to reach out to you during the onboarding process. If we require further information about your business, you'll receive an email from our team with a link to log back into your application and review the necessary documents/information we require in order to open your account.   Since the launch of this update, it has been successful at opening accounts at a faster rate. If you're interested in a second account (or you're new to Novo and wanting to open your first account) click here to get started!  

Novo User Pet of the Month: This sleeping pup is Arya (after Arya Stark). She is a rat terrier mix and was adopted during the quarantine. Her owner is Thomas Oddo from InkJournal. Thank you for sharing your photo of Arya with us!  

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August 11, 2020
Company News