ovo is revolutionizing the way you and your business can view your financial data! Introducing the App Marketplace: one centralized location where you can connect and manage all of the integrations and features that Novo provides to level up your business banking experience.  

The average small business uses seven different platforms to manage its finances, making efficient cash flow tracking far too difficult. Novo is more than just a checking account; we’re a full-service financial hub offering hundreds of connections to external platforms and dozens of direct integrations. Now, you can streamline your workflows by customizing your banking experience to save time and money. Seamlessly pull data into your Novo app from sources like Stripe and Shopify, and push your financial data out to apps like Quickbooks and Zapier.

“It’s a big part of Novo’s mission to help our users consolidate their financial data in one place, either by creating innovative solutions ourselves or deeply integrating with the platforms folks are already using. The Novo App Marketplace is a huge step forward in service of that mission, and we’re incredibly excited to keep adding more and more Apps to help more and more businesses!”   - Chris Danison, Product Manager

So how do you access the Novo App Marketplace? On the mobile app, simply navigate to the tab at the bottom of your screen called “Apps.” On the web app, click the option in the menu on the left called “Apps.” From here, you can search for apps, explore your options, and start improving your workflows today!

October 28, 2021
Company News